Saturday, December 4, 2010


On a day before diwali, i was walking in a street in thirupparankundram. It is a place in madurai(tamilnadu). On that time, i heard a goat's sound. I looked that side. A girl is cutting the throat of goat with knife without anybody's help. That goat tried to escape. That girl turned the goat upside down single-handedly and placed her knee above goat's body and cut the throat. After slaughtering process, that goat was given to another girl. That girl hung that goat in a branch. After that she skinned that goat. After the skin has been removed, she cut that goat's stomach and pulling out that goat's intestines and other parts into a bucket. That two girls are unmarried girls. After the skinning and gutting process, that goat was given to one women. She is married and looked like 30-35 years old. She hung that goat in a hook and that goat's intestines in another hook. She butchered that goat and sold the meat to customers. I can't resist my feeling after what i have seen. That butcher shop is run by three women. First girl is slaughtering, second girl is skinning n gutting and third women is butchering. On that day, they have slaughtered and sold more than 20 sheep. All the work is done by three women. That goats are lucky to be slaughtered and butchered by women. Really i felt jealous on that goats at that place. Oh god! Make me a goat in my next birth and send me to that ladies.